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Legionella test

Legionellae are rod-shaped bacteria that occur wherever water heated for a prolonged period of time (25-50°C) promotes their growth. These growth conditions are present in drinking water systems, e.g. in hospitals, nursing homes, swimming pools, multi-family dwellings and hotels. Possible legionella infections, known as Legionnaires’ disease, develop by inhaling tiny water droplets, e.g. under the shower, while swimming or in the steam bath. These infections can cause pneumonia. Legionella tests are conducted at laboratories specializing in the analysis of drinking water.

Advantages of our TRAKETCH®-Membranes used for legionella tests:

  • Legionellae can made quantitatively visible because our membrane is a surface filter with exactly defined pores (0,2 µm or 0,4 µm)
  • The especially thin (10 µm) TRAKETCH®-Membrane which is used for the Legionella tests can be fold together for additional tests in sample tubes